San Jacinto Window Tinting

Contact a tint shop in San Jacinto to take advantage of the many benefits of adding glass tint to your windows. The local tint shop can provide commercial window tint and residential window tint in San Jacinto. In addition to installing tint on buildings and houses, they can also provide auto tint and Tesla window tint service in San Jacinto.

Benefits of Having Tinted Windows

There are numerous benefits to having a professional company install your window tints Window tint can provide increased energy efficiency, UV protection, fade protection, shatter protection, and more

Increased Energy Efficiency

A local tinting service can recommend a specific window tint for your car, house, or commercial building. When you have the window tint installed your space will become instantly more energy-efficient because a layer of insulation will be added. In the summer heat will be reflected away from the tinted windows and in the winter the internal heat will be kept in.

If you are worried about spending a bunch of money on making your windows energy-efficient, you should consider window tinting. It is more cost effective than replacing the windows or having low-E glass installed. You will not only achieve increased energy efficiency, but you will also lower your electric bills.

UV Protection

The window tint that you have installed on your windows will block out some or almost all of the harmful UV rays that the sun produces. You can get UV protection when you are inside of an area that has tinted windows even if you don’t have sunscreen. Certain tints block out more harmful rays than others.

Fade Protection

You can make sure that you have the highest amount of fade protection when you have window tint installed. Even though it can take a long time for items to fade in the sunlight, it is important to protect your belongings. Things that can be protected from sun fading include carpet, furniture, and your car’s upholstery, to name a few. You will increase the lifespan and retain value of your things when you have tint installed to help reduce fading.

Shatter Protection

When tinting film, like ceramic window tint, is applied to your glass windows there will be an increase in how much shatter protection there is. While the glass will not be 100% shatterproof or break proof, window tint can be very beneficial if the glass ever sustains damage.

San Jacinto Commercial Window Tint

New and existing buildings can benefit from San Jacinto commercial window tint. A tint shop can install new window tint and they can replace old, damaged, or worn window tint, too. The tint company can recommend which tint material will work best for your specific project. They can also install your tinting project flawlessly.

San Jacinto Residential Window Tint

Residential window tinting benefits all homeowners. It can be costly to air condition a house in the hot summer months in Southern California. Having your home’s windows tinted can add a layer of insulation to help with temperature regulation inside of the home.

Get Your Vehicle Tint Professionally Installed

You should consult an auto tinting service if you need your vehicle’s windows tinted. An auto tint service can help with all vehicle makes, models, and ages. You should always try to work with a tint shop rather than do it yourself because they have the necessary experience to make installation a breeze.

Tesla window tint is one of the most needed vehicle special tinting in the auto industry. This is because most Teslas do not come pre-tinted from the factory. A vehicle tint company can help provide installation for:

  • Front and back windshield tinting
  • Side window tinting
  • Fleet vehicle tinting

In addition to personal vehicle and company fleet vehicles the tint company will be able to provide specialty window tint for:

  • Tesla Model 3 window tint
  • Tesla Model S window tint
  • Tesla Model X window tint
  • Tesla Model Y window tint

Other luxury vehicles will also benefit from an experienced auto tint shop.

Hire Precision Window Tinting for San Jacinto Window Tint

You need to hire Precision Window Tinting if you are looking for tint service in San Jacinto. They provide same-day services for some tint projects. Services that they provide in San Jacinto include residential window tinting, commercial window tinting, and auto glass tinting.

Precision Window Tinting provides free estimates and your satisfaction is always guaranteed. You will not find a better tint company in San Jacinto. They use quality products, stay up-to-date on installation techniques, and have been locally owned and operated for over 20 years.

Facts About Window Tint & Skin Cancer Prevention

Did you know that window tint can help reduce your risk of skin cancer? Window tint can block up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays depending on which window tint material you choose.

Here are additional statistics about skin cancer. These facts can help be the deciding factor in choosing to have window tint applied to your home, commercial property, or car by hiring a window tint shop.

  • One in five people in America will get skin cancer before they reach 70 years old
  • Caucasians are in the highest risk group for skin cancer diagnosis
  • Skin cancer is deadliest amongst Asians, Latinos, and African Americans even though they are in a low risk group for developing skin cancer
  • Men are twice as likely to develop skin cancer according to a study done by the American Cancer Society
  • It will cost Americans $8.1 billion annually to treat skin cancers
  • The increase of nonmelanoma diagnosis from 1994 through 2014 has risen by 77%
  • Over 90% of skin cancer diagnoses is directly linked to exposure to the UV radiation produced by the sun’s rays
  • Window tinting can block out over 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Some high-quality window tints have the equivalent of more than 250 SPF
  • Unlike with sunscreen, window tint will offer a long term protection solution and reduce your risk of developing skin cancer